Cancel / Reschedule Lessons

As a courtesy to your teacher, please let us know in the event you do need to cancel a lesson. However, if you wish to reschedule a lesson, courtesy makeup lessons are offered. Courtesy makeup lessons are a benefit offered to all currently-enrolled students. They can be requested for any missed lesson as long as we get 24 or more hours notice of the cancellation. Makeups are NOT guaranteed as they are subject to teacher availability.

Many students save them up and use them in the summer when they have extra time to practice! Your teacher will have more openings in the summer months due to students taking a week off here and there for vacations. Other students enjoy taking an hour lesson occasionally instead of their normal half-hour lesson. You can also give them to a sibling or friend to try a new instrument or use them yourself to try a second instrument or voice!

How it works...

  1. View the openings online

  2. Complete the cancel / reschedule form below.

  3. The Brighter Minds Music office will contact you to offer you times, or book you directly with an instructor.

  4. You'll receive an auto-email when your lesson is booked, and the day before your appointment.

To request a courtesy makeup lesson, please complete the form below: